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Malcolm: Barrett Shuler
Moira: Alyson Weaver
Josh: Gabe Hammad
Lucy: Jaqueline Smyth
Walter: Caleb Strul
Shop Owner: Babar Peerzada
Lacy: Emily Davenport
Lily: Jameelah Nuriddin
Tracy Evans: Stacy Bellew
Radio Host: Keith Middleton
Bouncer: Alec Owen
Director: Brenton Stumpf
Writers: Gabe Hammad, Barrett Shuler,
and Alyson Weaver
Executive Producer: Alyson Weaver
Producer: Joe Anderson
Production Coordinator: Jim Revis
Director of Photography: Jose Rios
Production Designer: Thomas Brown
First Assistant Director: Matthew Phroper
First Assistant Camera: Matt Borek
Costume Designer: Makeba Phillips
Make-up Artist: Gabriela Banda
Gaffer: Paola Trulin
Best Boy: David Bacon
Grip: Dustin Skrabek
Grip: Daniel Blake Masterson
Grip: Daniel Chapman
Editor/DIT: Michael Jay
Still Photographer: Katrina Marcinowski
Graphic Designer: Joe Catapano
Audio Mixer: Will Schultz
Audio Mixer: Nick Rumancik
Script Supervisor: Jesse Holcomb
Production Assistant: Nick Barton
Property Master: Rebekah Bell
Caterer: Steven Kennard
Craft Services: Tricia Sherwood
Sound Designer: Brenton Stumpf
Composer: Barrett Shuler and
Donovan Edelstein
Colorist: Melissa Burns

Barrett Shuler (Writer, Composer, Malcolm)

Barrett lives in the coolest part of California...the valley. A studio apartment is where he spends most of his time. Very excited that Vampire Vampire Vampire Vampire could be actualized and completed. Thanks to Gangsta Weave and G-maud for putting up with him in the writing process. I love you all. Cast and Crew.


Alyson Weaver (Executive Producer, Writer, Moira)

Alyson made her Feature Film debut in Matt Tauber's 2006 film, The Architect, acting alongside Anthony LaPaglia, Viola Davis, and Isabella Rossellini. Since then Alyson has continued to work in film and on the stage. Most recently, she starred in the original stage adaptation of La Ronde directed by Larry Biederman. This performance brought critical acclaim including "Outstanding Actor" at the 2009 New York International Fringe Festival. In 2007 Alyson launched her production company, Big Signature Productions. Big Signature's inaugural production, Refrigerator, went on to be an official selection at several major festivals and established her as a producing as well as acting force in the Industry. Currently she performs as a stand up comedian around Los Angeles and can next be seen in the action comedy "Z" by writer/director Jared Drake. Alyson graduated Cum Laude from USC. A native Texan, she enjoys drinking Shiner Bock, shooting skeet, and hanging with the fam. Want more of Alyson? Check out her website at www.thealysonweaver.com.

Gabe Hammad (Writer, Josh)

Gabe Hammad, actor and screenwriter, moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue a career in film. In the two years since, he's only made Vampire Vampire Vampire Vampire. He doesn't own a car, land, or anything of value except maybe a PS3 (retail price $299). Oh, and he's unemployed, though he does win the occasional poker tournament from time to time. He's successfully attended and dropped out of Broward Community College, Florida Atlantic University, and the University of South Florida. Gabe loves his parents, his girlfriend, and the Los Angeles Lakers - though not in that order - and has two cats that sometimes make his apartment smell really really bad.

Brenton Stumpf (Director, Sound Editor)

Brenton started his career when he began college. He majored in theatre at Broward College where he directed many plays. He then continued his career in live events as a stage hand and then to lighting assistant. From there he started to work on music videos and commercials. Brenton then went to Full Sail University where he achieved his BA in Film. From there he has Directed shorts, music videos, and commercials. He also began his career in sound mixing, were he has mixed features, and shorts. He now resides in Sherman Oaks, California.



W. Joseph Anderson (Producer)

Joseph began his film career at the age of 18 months when he was forced, through the use of candy bribes, to propose to, what in his infant mind could only be described as, a yucky girl for a local South Dakota jewelery commercial. After that experience, he decided, once and for all, that he would never be forced to do something on camera again. Rather, he'd do the forcing! Mr. Anderson has produced a slew of theatrical productions beginning when he was in high school. He currently is a producer with the sketch comedy group Friends of the Family (www.bestfriendstime.com). In his spare time, he is an entertainment attorney, though his firm would like to think that the film endeavors were the side gig...ha! Thanks to Alyson Weaver and Big Signature Productions for their trust.

Jose Luis Rios (Director of Photography)

Jose began his endeavors in Cinematography at the age of 12 when he first discovered his parent's manual film camera in the closet. Fast forward years later Rios studied Cinematography at Columbia College Chicago. Rios moved to Los Angeles and is now his current home base. Rios has shot an array of fiction films, socially conscious documentaries, commercials, and music videos. Many of his projects has received awards and his work has lead Rios to become a worldly filmmaker.

Rios is very much inspired by travel and by having the opportunity to shoot, collaborate and gain cultural knowledge from Brazil, Cambodia, Thailand, Europe, Taiwan, Mexico, Central America and his own country the US, allows him to express himself through the camera very distinctively and unique when it comes to creating an image, enhancing the character and overall essence. Although Jose chose cinematography as a preferred medium to carry out his vision and interpretation of stories around him, he also practices fine art specifically sculpture.

Michael Jay (Editor)

Michael was born and raised in Mesquite, Texas and when he graduated high school he worked with his mom saving up money until he moved to Florida to attend, at the time, Full Sail Real World Education. At first his dream was to create and design video games. However, after four months into the program he realized that he wasn't meant to make games, but instead wanted to find his niche in the film business. While attending Full Sail he discovered his passion for editing. Some of his editing jobs include, editing a rap music video for a local artist, editing shorts for both a 24 and 48 Hour Film Festival, in which the 48-hour short won second place, and a promo for a reality show. Along with wanting to be an editor he also dove head first into the paperwork side of the film business. He has been a script supervisor, production manager, assistant director, and producer.A month after graduating college he moved to California where he worked on 4 features: Crazy Eyes, Atlas Shrugged, The Details, and Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus before settling in as a logger at a reality TV Company, called Bunim-Murray Productions, working on shows such as Real World, Bad Girls Club, Power of Music and Challenge.