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The Broad Humor Film Festival Shorts Program - Out Of This World

October 14, 2011

by Keisha7

Vampire Vampire Vampire Vampire - Alyson Weaver writer/Brenton Stumpf Director

In an alternate universe where Vampires live among humans in quasi-harmony, very average Malcolm (Barrett Shuler) wants Lucy (Jacqueline Smyth), the cute girl he met at the bus stop. But she seems t be into the office tool – Walter – who is a newly made vampire. So what does Malcolm do? How far is he willing to go to be cool? How far does he need to go? In the end, no one gets what they bargained for. Vampire Vampire Vampire Vampire is a morality tale about being a slave to trends with a lot of the Wacky thrown in. A cautionary tale about the things we covet, this short is a reminder that the grass is always greener when you can’t see the whole lawn. Brilliant comic performance by Alyson Weaver, as the newbie vampiremaker.